Saturday, November 22, 2008

Expanding Universe

I just finished a few images for the portfolio. I am widening the visual footprint of the studio. For years I shot portraits and commercial people images with some pretty tight constraints. It was challenging (and seldom sucessful) to push the envelop. Then I shot food, tons of it, for years, and found myself again constrained. Food photography is challenging, no doubt. Mainly because the products have very limited shelf life, endless prop options , and ultimately it has to look very tasty, whatever that takes. No small task. But artistically I wanted to say more in my image making.

I guess the unleashed portion of the portfolio is my revolt against what I consider the "visual boundaries" I had to work with. Now we can take strong visual concepts and push the technology to match the pre-visualized idea. What a rush developing the skills to create any image you can imagine. Lines of fantasy and reality blur. Logistics of a huge productions suddenly disappear. New ways of problem solving emerge.

It has surely blown the doors off "What is possible".

The new direction combines the best of both worlds. Traditional photography sensibility with a bit of "pixel polishing". This is a really exciting direction. My advertising community seems to embrace this notion as well. It provides them with a new story to tell. New solutions to client's marketing dilemmas.

I am going to continue to push what is possible, offer a dynamic variety of visual solutions to clients and keep exploring better ways to tell a story visually.

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