Friday, December 26, 2008

2009 Predictions

Here is an article from Photo District News that asks different creatives their opinion about current and future trends in advertising. I have included a quote from Jennie Myers, from Boise Advertising Agency Drake Cooper. We couldn't agree more with Jennie.

I have been working hard to push my imagery in that direction. I want to offer agencies and clients a new direction, new thought process and more options. Help shift the paradyne of what is possible.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Talk Softly at least until 3pm.

OMG, just waking up (brain pounding slightly) from the Mitchell + Palmer (here) Christmas Blowout. What a shindig. Great people, killer offices, go-go dancers, free food and booze. So great to see a building full of smiling faces, laughter and sticky concrete (probably from the Plum Vodka and Red Bull) .

The aroma of beer, cigars, guacamole, smoked ham, chocolate chip cookies and some other stuff I am not familiar with added to the vibe. The go-go dancers (gyrating on Billy and Robs desks) added to the controlled chaos. I posted a small video of the dancers.

The new digs (Muse Building) on Jefferson was absolutely packed. Billy and Rob made a huge splash and from what I can gather are very much loved and admired. I haven't seen that many evening gowns and stillettos since I was in NYC in October. It was a ripper, seriously.

I am hoping to initiate the idea of doing that every other Friday.

Monday, December 15, 2008

This product really "Sucks"

We just finished a great project with Mitchell+Palmer (here) for Pro Team (here). Pro Team manufactures world class vacuum cleaners. We had a great time working with Rob Palmer, Billy Mitchell and Hollis Welsh on this project. Pushed the photoshop possibilities even further. We totally dig the challenge. Did I mention that this product really sucks. No really.

The shot (created in the fertile recesses of the Mitchell Palmer psyche) was a composite of many different elements. The final ad illustrates the many medical benefits of having a superior cleaning system. The ads are being run in various trade publications, nationally.

Our deep appreciation to the group at Mitchell+Palmer and Pro Team.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hard Drives and Gun Powder

This is a new series of images for high tech rifle manufacturer Tactical Solutions (here). What could possibly go together better than gun powder, massive amounts of electrical current and a Italian Female Secret Agent with a tude. We had a blast, AND nobody was hurt, at least visibly.