Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Work

I have been really busy working on some new concepts and images. Thankfully we have some really great creatives locally, that are embracing the opportunity to create unique images that stand out above the fray.

I have been spreading the word on what I do and how clients can benefit, not only visually, but budget wise as well.

A couple of the vehicles I use are Twitter, "@GregSims" and all the great things going on there, Facebook, the blog, and email blasts. The marketing efforts have got the studio and my work noticed. With marketing budgets tightening it is quite obvious that clients need to make a big impact with less $$. Telling powerful visual stories, with big imagery seems to be a route many are incorporating. The success of these campaigns has been really encouraging.

I will continue to preach the notion that creating big, targeted imagery very specific to the clients demographic and brand message will create great results NOW more than ever. As many companies are foolishly cutting back budgets or ceasing marketing efforts all together, the result is a less "noisy" atmosphere which allows the "big" ideas and concepts to stand out even more. This is a perfect opportunity for clients who truly understand marketing to take advantage of the current advertising climate.

Hopefully I will be posting some new images soon, as the campaigns are released.

1 comment:

Justis Photography said...

If there is anyone out there who has the talent and moxie to offer new and innovative images it is you! The wave pictures freaking blow me away! My theory on all of this is that many who were already established and proficient, will soon be discovering a whole new way to do things that will take them to a level not known before. If I were a betting man, you will be one of them my friend. Excellent work! Trust me when I say that I tell as many people that will listen about the work you are doing for companies. Also, should you have further financing needs call my office at the SBA cause we are offering some amazing programs in response to the economic problems small biz owners are facing.