Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Business Insider Love

I want to thank Katy Moeller and the gang at the Idaho Statesman, along with Brad Larrondo, Sherise Jones, Billy Michell, Red SkyPR and Nick Sheneck, for helping with our story in this weeks  Business Insider.  I am feeling a lot of love out there and I really, really, super appreciate it.

It's very humbling and quite a honor to have a story written about the studio.  Katy did a incredibly thorough job and spent a lot of time with Jim and I understanding exactly what we do.   It is a rare opportunity to have a forum of this kind to let the folks out there know what we are all about, what we believe in and the immense amount of passion we have for the images created at TDG.

I also want to thank all the clients past and present that gave us shot, had faith and allowed us to collaborate with them.  I appreciate you all.

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