Friday, March 28, 2008

J.R. Simplot Annual Report

I just completed final post production on the J. R. Simplot Company Annual Report. This was a killer assignment. I traveled to Morelia Mexico, Canada, Central Calif, Memphis, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Idaho. David Cuoio, of J.R. Simplot did a fantastic job art directing and providing the vision for the piece. A truly fabulous assignment.

The assignment included shooting images of manufacturing plants, mining operations, agricultural images, and aerial images. Just about every lighting conditions imaginable. This is when I appreciate all the years I spent shooting weddings. Nothing prepares you more for this kind of work.

Travelling across North America, with a great client (David) Deep Sea, Mr. Italy 1956 and Mr. Manly with too many incredible experiences to list. Lots of laughs and practical joking going on.

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