Friday, March 28, 2008

Press Check Genie Scientific

Chris Joyal (producer, very talented designer) and I just completed the final press check on Genie Scientific's new marketing piece. Genie produces high end metal casework for labs all over the country. Genie is considered to be the premier casework manufacturers in the country.

I spent 3 days in sunny Laguna Beach, with great friends, Wynn, Moya, Mel, Kathi and da boyz, shooting the images. January in Laguna, lets see it was 70 degrees, gentle trade winds, lazy sunshine. Great art, fabulous friends, endless culinary opportunities. Torture.

Having grown up in So. Cal it is always nice to go home and hang at the beach. Fortunately I get down there several times a year. Always awesome.

We are currently discussing another campaign, focusing on their new home furnishing line. We can't wait.

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