Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last Loop

Well, I have to say that this has been an epic fall in Boise. Leaves started turning in the middle of Sept and it is still peaking. The valley floor in a quilt of deep orange and red, with the Boise River in a cobalt ribbon through the center.
I went for the last big motorcycle ride of the year last weekend. . The mountain passes are going to get a little sketchy here real soon. Rode from Boise to Sun Valley - Sun Valley to Stanley - Stanley to Boise via Idaho City. About 350 miles. I knew the colors would be insane so I decided go to Silver Creek, the world famous trout stream. Well known in fly fishing circles as "The Creek". I have spent countless hours fishing in this cathedral. Tough slow water, smart fish, (check that) smart, big fish! About 2 hours from Boise.

On the ride I took the shot above at the Creek. While cruising through Sun Valley I stopped to check out a new architectural assignment. A awesome property in downtown Ketchum, (picture above). That is going to be a great project! When I get the images done I will post some.

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