Friday, September 26, 2008

The Great Kristin Armstrong

We just finished the final post on a series of images of 2008 Bejing Olympics Gold Medal Cyclist winner Kristen Armstrong The images are for the upcoming United Dairymen campaign

We had the pleasure to work with Cheri Story from the United Dairymen, and the great Drake Cooper team, Joe Quatrone, Dennis Budell, and Lisa Hawkes. The campaign, layouts and boards were honed to perfection by the Drake Cooper team and the shooting day was quite an event.

We had a blast shooting, talking about poly unsaturated fats, international competition, chocolate milk, and The Worlds in Italy. Oh yeah and just a little bit about the inter-play of light and shadow.

First time I have ever met a Olympic Gold Medal winner, first time I have ever seen or held a gold medal (yeah it is heavier than it looks). First time I have ever lifted a 15 pound full size racing bicycle. Unbelievable technology folks.

Kristin Armstong (no relation to you know who) is a awesome, professional lady. She is incredibly fit, generous, gregarious, funny, and very down to earth. Great working with her and listening to her stories of the road. We got some incredible images that are just now hitting the streets.

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