Friday, February 20, 2009

Boise State Tennis Team cranks it up, way up.

I am in the early stages of post-production of some images we just shot of the Killer Boise State Men's Tennis Team (ranked 29th in the nation-no small feat). My great friend and Head Tennis Coach, Greg Patton and I have been threatening to do some "unleashed images" of the team for a couple of years.

Well, I guess the planets aligned, the oceans parted and the chickens came home to roost as we got together last week and shot the images in the BSU Bubbles. The guys on the team, while somewhat puzzled (I'll stop short of saying they were concerned) by our initial umm concepts totally rocked it.

We set up a our studio at the edge of the one of the courts and starting shooting the players in different stages of play to be dropped into scenes we pieced together. The final shots are composites of many different elements including grandstands, cheering crowds and courts.

We are totally psyched that Coach Patton has taken the reins and is guiding the direction of the new imagery for his team. Stay tuned. With the grace of the almighty this could turn out to be a visual revolution. Together now - We believe-we believe.

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