Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Laguna Beach Travelers Bureau

I have been working for a while on some pretty cool concepts for the Laguna Beach Visitors Bureau's 2009 campaign. We spent a couple of days shooting backgrounds and models for the ad campaign.

Working with the Bureau has been a great experience. Laguna Beach is a incredible sea-side "Village" yes village, smack dab in the middle of coastal Orange County Ca. I lived there for many years and still visit my old friends any chance I get. So having the opportunity to shoot the campaign was a tremendous honor.

Laguna Beach is truly unique. It is very small, very romantic, very artsy, and very hip. Once you live there it is hard to pry the residents away. The ads are designed to attract visitors to this unique, picturesque area. More to come on launch dates.

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Justis Photography said...

That picture is sick! Love it! Damn I need to refine my CS4 skills!