Friday, February 20, 2009

This is Lisa on the Pali Passage, about an hour after we landed. We were waiting for our hotel room. The passage a ancient trail, now a highway that connects Waikiki to the south east portion of the island.

Kamehameha landed a huge invasion fleet on Oahu in 1795 and skirmished with the Oahu forces as he advanced across the plain where Honolulu now stands. The Oahu army made a stand but was driven up Nu'uanu valley in hard fighting. The upper valley terminates at the brink of a thousand-foot cliff (pali), and here those of the Oahu army who found no escape along the ridges or down a narrow cliffside trail were driven over the precipice. Both sides used firearms as well as traditional weapons, and included a foreigners in their ranks. In the narrow upper valley Kamehameha's well-disciplined phalanx, a tight formation carrying long lances, could not be stopped.

Like they say it's not the fall that kills you its the sudden stop at the bottom. Tough way to go.

This was our first real dose of hydrated air, massive greenery and light rain, not snow.

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