Friday, February 20, 2009

More Hawaii Adventures

On the North Shore they have rituals. Sacrifices to the surf gods, no hard toed shoes, never show up to a party without weed, no Celine Dion (ever).

The other ritual is to eat SSSSHHHRRRIMP at least once a week. I told maybe 4 or 5 people who work at the hotel that I was heading to Pipe. They insisted and quite honestly were very adamant about me eating at a Shrimp Truck. If you know me you know I loves the shrimp, cold shrimp, garlic shimp, bbq shrimp, sauteed shrimp, shrimp sandwiches, well you get the idea.

I thought UHH shrimp truck sounds like the most wonderful epicurean delight or a trip to emergency room for a couple of injections and stomach pumping.

Well, I took a chance and it was the most bestest shrimp I have ever had. Here is the photo of the truck, which by North Shore standards retains a Class A rating by the Public Heath Dept.

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